Champaign Coal & Stove Co. – Urbana, Ohio

Champaign Coal & Stove Co. – Urbana, Ohio

Champaign Coal & Stove Co. is a full-service provider of wood and anthracite coal burning stoves, boilers, fireplace inserts, water heaters, outdoor furnaces, premium chimney pipe, chimney liners, fittings and stove boards, as well as the region’s only provider of bagged anthracite coal. We also offer a variety of other products for the independent home owner, including wood fired canners, canning supplies, manual and solar powered water pumps for your well and aesthetic accessories.

We pride ourselves in only offering the very best—we are the area’s largest supplier of anthracite coal burning stoves, featuring a full line of Hitzer, D.S. Stoves, Leisure Line, Legacy, Alaska Stove Company, Keystoker, and Kuma stoves.

New to anthracite? Professional consulting service, custom installation and troubleshooting from “That Coal Guy”, owner Pete Aksenczuk, are what’s made Champaign Coal and Stove Company #1 in customer service. Call Pete today, his 35+ years of experience as a brick & stone mason, general contractor and custom carpenter will help you make the right heating choice for your home or business. Learn more about anthracite coal here.


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