D.S. AquaGem Boiler

D.S. AquaGem Boiler

The D.S. Stovess AquaGem boiler comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your needs. The AquaGem comes in 6 different model sizes to meet your needs. The smallest model holds 27 gallons.

The AquaGem boiler has a great heat exchanger to maximize efficiency and prevent damage. The boiler can also be adapted to provide domestic hot water, as well as home heat.

The AquaGem boiler will burn coal or wood.

While the AquaGem Boiler comes in 6 models with output up to 520,000 BTUs, D.S. Stovess will also build a custom boiler to meet your size and output requirements.

For complete information on the AquaGem boilers, click here to download a PDF flyer.

Manufacturer: D.S. Stoves

Stove Type: Stoker

Fuel Type: Coal, Wood

Heat Output: 520,000 BTUs

Unit Dimensions: 23.5″ x 49.5″ x 25″

Manufacturer Information: D.S. AquaGem Boiler

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