D.S. Wood & Coal Boilers

D.S. Wood & Coal Boilers

D.S. Stoves’s wood and coal boilers deliver a lot of heat to your home, and can burn either wood or coal.

Two configurations are available. The DS3200 #3W Boiler holds approximately 42 gallons of water of and can deliver 160,000 BTUs of heat. The DS4200 #4W Boiler holds 48 gallons of water and can deliver up to 230,000 BTUs of heat.

Both boilers feature a removable afterburner and can be fitted with a domestic water coil that will deliver up to 4 gallons per minute to meet your home’s hot water needs.

Manufacturer: D.S. Stoves

Fuel Type: Coal, Wood

Heat Output: 230,000 BTUs

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