Hitzer Hot Water Tanks and Canners

Hitzer Hot Water Tanks and Canners

Hitzer hot water tanks are designed for utility and functionality. 33 gallons of consistent hot water convenient for everyday use residentially, commercially, or agriculturally. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, this hot water tank can be used wherever needed.

No electricity and off the grid design allows for consistent hot water temperature without using any electricity or power. Hitzer water tanks are
designed for wood, anthracite, or bituminous coal. Thermostatically controlled accompanied with a water temperature gauge allows for precise water temperature controls.

Like all Hitzer products quality is our specialty. Built with premium materials and fabricated with premier craftsmanship.

Features include:

  • Cast Iron Grates- for easy ash removal
  • Removable Ash Pan- for easy ash disposal
  • Stainless Steel Construction– commercial grade
  • Thermostat- Stainless Steel thermostat
  • Child-Proof Locking Water Valve
  • Fire Brick Insulated- allows for long efficient burn times
  • Side Handle / Racks – conveniently located
  • Water Temperature Gage – for easy temperature reading

Manufacturer Info: Hitzer Hot Water Tanks and Canners

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