Hitzer 503 Fireplace Insert

Hitzer 503 Fireplace Insert

Hitzer Model 503 E-Z Flo Fireplace Insert expresses outstanding design, first-class originality, and extreme customer satisfaction. The 503 fireplace insert is growing in popularity because of the unique and convenient qualities this stove has to offer.

Developed to comfortably fit into almost every standard masonry fireplace, the 503 fireplace insert provides a large amount of heat output, while enhancing the beauty of a traditional fireplace.

Tthe Hitzer 503 is equipped with a thirty pound E-Z flo hopper design system.

Manufacturer: Hitzer

Stove Type: Gravity Fed

Fuel Type: Coal

Heat Output: 80,000 BTUs

Heating Capacity: 3,000 sq. ft.

Unit Dimensions: 29.75″ x 24″ x 24.75″

Manufacturer Information: Hitzer 503 Fireplace Insert

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