Reading Anthracite coal StoveAnthracite coal is the oldest, hardest and cleanest type of coal. All of the anthracite coal used in the United States is produced domestically.

According to Blaschak’s research, anthracite coal provides the following advantages:

  • Per dollar spent, anthracite coal produces more heat than corn, wood pellets, natural gas, #2 fuel oil, propane and electic.
  • Anthracite burns cleaner than all other supplemental heating methods including cord wood, wood pellets and electricity.
  • Anthracite is found in Pennsylvania and is produced entirely by American workers.
  • Anthracite has a longer burn time than wood.

Convenience of Anthracite Coal

Anthracite is easier than other fuel types, and, unlike wood and corn, doesn’t attract pests. Anthracite can be stored outdoors and isn’t harmed by moisture.

Environmental Responsibility

Pennsylvania anthracite is mined from barren, previously damaged lands. After the anthracite is mined, the land is restored.